time: butler’s devotionl, july 13

Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Time is of premier interest to me.  I do not mean to say that I am not a time waster and I have not made myself a disciple of Rudyard Kipling who said, “Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.”  It might have become clear with these blogs that I am against obsession of any kind.

It is how time moves and how we interact with it that interests me.  Time seems to move like a two way conveyor belt; it slowly moves towards you and slowly moves away but it never stops.  I think about things that we once valued and now have forgotten.  Think about styles or songs or movies that were the most popular in their day and now have faded away.  Authors who were the most important of their day now are now mostly out of print.  Time just keeps moving; things that shone so brightly now have lost its luster.

I think about Bill Russell, in my mind the greatest basketball player ever, who won eight NBA championships in a row and eleven overall.  He also won two NCAA championships and an Olympic gold medal.  I think about Buster Keaton, who along with Charlie Chaplain, was the most beloved of silent films stars.  His masterpiece “the General”, from 1926, is perhaps my favorite movie.  I think about Ella Fitzgerald, who had the best voice that God has ever gifted a human being.  I think about the countless best selling authors who have given way to new best selling authors.  Time has pushed all these people to the side.

Just as we forget societies triumphs, we also forget its struggles.  People without a historical perspective will often react in horror upon learning of the struggles of peoples that have passed on.  I will never know the struggles of my grandfather as he fought in the Pacific in WW2.  All the people who have struggled for civil rights, for women’s rights, for human rights have passed along their victories but not their emotions.  We therefore start to take these things for granted as time moves on.

We should take this as a humbling consequence of life.  We have been given a great gift of the time we have, and no matter our triumphs the glory we have won will soon disappear.  Live for today; do your best today.  Enjoy the time in history you live in.  Remember the time you have is your most precious gift.  All the great heroes of old have spent all of theirs and now it is our turn to shine.

The point is God is the one and only constant.  Yes God created us and He gave us this earth to be our domain, but He is still the Creator.  As time moves along the glory of man fades and becomes dim and God still shines as brightly as He always has.




6 thoughts on “time: butler’s devotionl, july 13

  1. Time most definitely marches on for all of us. Over obsession in any area of our lives is crippling. I believe we all have our own struggles for sure. But Jesus being out constant is so reassuring. As you so perfectly stated, everything else comes and goes, events soon forgotten, famous people out of our minds. But oh the wonderful, beautiful name of JESUS IS NOW AND FOREVER WILL BE A CONSTANT. If I am obsessed with anything, let it be YOU LORD JESUS.

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